TVB Executive Ms Virginia Lok (樂易玲) turned 61 year old and treated everyone to Japanese cuisine for her birthday celebration at Tsim Sha Tsui on 30th June. Overall, she spent $80,000 and they left after 5 hours later.

Around 1am, Ms Lok and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) were seen walking out from the restaurant together with a group of artistes. Ms Lok expressed she felt overjoyed and Vincent Wong (王浩信) looked very drunk and could not walk properly. Subsequently, Ms Lok’s sons helped her to get into the vehicle.

As for Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), she was present at the party but Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) was absent. Crystal also looked drunk and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) had to help her when walking and boarding the car. Both then left together with Bob Lam (林盛斌) and Patrick Kong (葉念琛).

When the reporters asked if she was drunk, Jeannie said: “Of course not.” Next Christine Ng (伍詠薇) did not wear a face mask and leave together with Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) and Nancy, while Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) followed Lisa Chong (莊思明). On the other hand, Alex Fong (方力申) remarked Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) paid for the bill. Asking if it was an expensive bill, Alex laughed and said: “It is definitely not a cheap meal.” Lastly, Ling Ling pointed he was joking only.