Alice Chan (陳煒) and Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) were invited to Do Did Eat (Do姐有問題) show as the guests after their collaboration in Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) drama on 26th June. Upon seeing Shaun, Alice praised he looked very fit and Shaun revealed he reduced 17kg by exercising due to filming new series. He currently weighed 169 pound and said: “I feel I am in a bad shape during virus period. Around 30 year old at the time, I reduce weight and have many drama to shoot. I am turning to 40 year old soon and want to give it a try again. I also quit smoking and drinking so as to stay healthy.” Shaun added he ran around 5km to 6km every morning and 10km with his wife in the evening. He hoped to maintain his best condition until July as there were many young artistes in new series.

Alice felt envy of Shaun’s determination and rejected to run together due to afraid of becoming dark. When mentioned about filming new drama (刑偵日記) with Kara Hui (惠英紅) and Philip Keung (姜皓文) lately, Alice replied she could feel the strong power of Kara and focus on shooting indoor scenes.