Lisa Chong’s (莊思明) branded handbag was stolen inside TVB’s vehicle while filming new drama (超能使者) and the thief used her credit cards which amounted to $57,000.

Her elder sister Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) said: “Her handbag is still missing since at night on 27th June. During the location shooting, we usually place our belongings inside TVB vehicle and only TVB staff are allowed to enter, but the thieves are strangers. We have no idea about what happens exactly and will get our assistants to take care of our belongings, unless we are driving by ourselves.”

In addition, Jacqueline would advise Lisa to refrain from bringing branded handbags when working and best to place her stuff in a plastic bag: “I will remind her and it is best not to show expensive stuff in public places. Lisa is lucky that she only loses her handbag and does not need to pay for those unauthorised transactions.”