Grace Chan (陳凱琳) announced she was having her second pregnancy in May and attended an opening ceremony of a theme park on 29th June. She remained skinny and wore a dress with 3 inches high heels.

Grace expressed she was expecting for more than 5 months and the baby was healthy: “The second pregnancy is more comfortable. I have a good appetite and feel very grateful. My husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) knows the baby gender and I plan to make an announcement during baby shower. (Your chest has increased?) I have no idea and my weight has increased by more than 10 pound. Kevin says I will be different after giving birth this time. (Did Kevin tell you not to wear high heels?) It is not very high and I will change to flat shoes after working. (Any reactions from your son who is becoming an elder brother soon?) I do not think he knows and will walk away after touching my belly. I plan to give a gift to him on behalf of my second baby.”

When asked if Kevin helped her to film TVB new drama (兒童醫院) due to taking care of her family, Grace said: “Are you sure? Of course not. We discuss everything together and he can work together with Kenneth Ma (馬國明). I have passion in acting and will not transform into key opinion leader (KOL). My family remains my top priority and my contract with TVB remains valid, and I have no intention to terminate it. Anyway, it is not compulsory to shoot series and I plan to do it when my children are growing older.”