Toby Chan (陳庭欣) was preparing to shoot the show, Scoop (東張西望) at TV City on 30th June. When mentioned about fishing for cuttlefish with her boyfriend Benny (楊振源) and a big group of friends earlier, she replied 25 people managed to get a cuttlefish and small fish only.

Toby said: “We look at the information online and are looking forward to it since others manage to get many cuttlefish. It turn out to be a disappointment. (Showing your love in the yacht?) It has never been my privilege and many friend do it too.”

Revealing that Lisa Chong’s (莊思明) branded handbag was stolen in TVB’s mini bus during the location shooting, Toby said: “I will be extra careful as well. We have to put our belongings in the vehicle and I will bring less cash when working. I doubt anyone is interested in my backpack since there is a parrot image and losing my identification and credit cards make me very worried.”