Moses Chan (陳豪), Him Law (羅仲謙), Tony Hung (洪永城), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Joyce Tang (滕麗名) and others were invited to the wrapped up party for TVB new drama, Armed Reaction 2020 (陀槍師姐2020) at Mong Kok on 29th June. Lately, Moses has been going for training as will be filming new series, Flying Tiger 3 (飛虎3之壯志英雄) soon: “I am getting old and must make myself look fitter. Anyway, I have a family to feed and will be working for a long time.”

When mentioned about his new drama, Death by Zero (殺手) made its debut and competed with ViuTV new drama, Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong (地產仔) on the same night, Moses said: “Of course, we hope our series will receive good rating record and I will not criticise other drama, despite working for TVB. Finally, I wish all series will have good responses.”