Ali Lee (李佳芯) and her boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) are dating for 6 years and have a stable relationship. She expressed they established consensus about the wedding arrangement and realised it was useless quickly: “I wish to get married in every romance but will not set a date, unless my boyfriend has made achievements in his career. I assume I will settle down after 28 year old and have children by 30 year old, but it does not happen eventually. Hence, it is pointless to think too much and best to take it easy.”

When mentioned about landing in the same predicament as Danny because ViuTV refused to renew contract with him in April, Ali said: “Life is unpredictable. As his loved ones, we cannot do too little or too much and I am currently learning about communication. What I can do is to accompany him and become his listener. Danny is a simple man and it is hard to remain simple in this current society. We have a very stable relationship and I set clear targets since getting older.”