Vincent Wong (王浩信) turned 37 year old on 7th July 2020. He shared photo of his muscular body and posted an online message: “Preparing a birthday gift for myself this year. I put in full efforts while working and it serves as a record. One of my favourite stuff and I feel grateful to play the role. Continuing to work hard and grow up!” It won compliments from many colleagues and netizens.

On the same day, Vincent’s wife Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) attended the promotion activity for Life After Death (那些我愛過的人) drama. One day before, she showed photo of herself reprimanding the third party’s scene: “I see many women but you are the worst. Out of all men, you have to pick somebody’s husband?” She also hashtag: “#life after death #why there are many sluts? #mad #shameless #baby I will protect you” The netizens praised Yoyo’s on-screen performance and some asked if she was in a similar situation in reality: “Some woman loves to steal other’s husband. She even knows the wife and chats with her children.”