Frankie Lam (林文龍), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) promoted Life After Death (那些我愛過的人) drama at TV City on 7th July. Frankie praised Priscilla had an outstanding performance: “She is very hardworking and puts in full efforts during the shooting. Priscilla should feel happy to see good results.” Priscilla expressed she had no pressure and would continue to work hard.

As for Shiga and Yoyo, both remarked they missed the ending and Shiga cried, while hugging her on the last day of the shooting. When asked if she wished to work with Priscilla and Shiga again, Yoyo agreed and Shiga suggested to participate in a reality show, as both were lowly intelligent girls and it should be quite fun.

When asked about the birthday celebration for her husband Vincent Wong (王浩信) on 7th July, Yoyo rejected to reply about personal matter.