Moses Chan (陳豪) wore a tight fitting shirt to boil coffee at the promotion activity for Death By Zero (殺手) drama with Ali Lee (李佳芯) at TV City on 6th July. He expressed he had been training since filming My Ages Apart (誇世代) series: “I have to make sacrifices since the actresses refuse to remove their tops now.” Ali explained she was not considered sexy and it was meaningless to do it. When mentioned about his wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) was dressed up conservatively at the beach, Moses replied he allowed her to wear bikini and comfortability was the most important.

Checking about TVB added new terms and conditions about its artistes needed to bear full responsibility because of their inappropriate behaviour and speech in the contract, Ali responded she had no idea. When asked if she would renew such contract in the future, Ali said: “I have a long contract with TVB and it is pointless to talk about it now. (Added to your existing contract?) Nope.”