TVB actress Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Danny Chan (陳炳銓) are dating together for 6 years and known as “beauty and the beast” couple. They have a stable relationship and move into a detached house at Sai Kung earlier.

Around 3pm a few days ago, the reporters discovered Ali and Danny left a vet clinic together with their black dog (豆豉) at Sai Kung town centre. Both wore face masks and white caps and Danny carried the dog while walking towards their car. It attracted stares from many people but nobody seemed to recognise Ali.

Ali and the dog sat at the rear passenger seat and Danny drove to a nearby supermarket. After entering into the supermarket, he walked a few steps and turned around suddenly to ask Ali if she wanted anything. He is indeed a good boyfriend and they returned to their flat thereafter.

Because of her online speech related to political affair last year, TVB continues to suspend Ali’s work and her new role is replaced by Bowie Cheung (張寶兒). She has been relying on the base salary for the past 6 months. After 12 days later, Ali wore a white top with red checkered shirt and bought some egg tarts at a bakery shop, after exchanging an electric appliance at a store. When asked if she had confidence in her new drama, Ali said politely: “It is inconvenient for me to answer.” Finally, she drove a red vehicle and left.