Brian Tse (謝東閔) promoted Death By Zero (殺手) drama at radio station on 9th July. He recalled about his first collaboration with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) 10 years ago and had an opportunity to work together with him again: “I was a newcomer when filming series with Wayne and manage to get some tips from him, upon working together again.”

When mentioned about his girlfriend, Ashley Chu (朱智賢), Brian disclosed she was currently resting and was uncertain if she watched Death By Zero drama. Although both trained in gym together occasionally, but it appeared they became strangers from his response.

Brian revealed they did not live together now: “I am currently staying with my family in Tuen Mun and it is best for her to reply about her personal affair directly. I am busy watching and shooting series and going for hiking with friends.”

Brian also pointed it was interesting to act with a wax figure in new drama (刑偵日記): “It is a simple plot and we will not aim to kill the soft toy. I am not worried about failing to differentiate the reality and will sell the toy away after taking it home since it is expensive.”