Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Michelle Wai (衛詩雅), Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯), Hedwig Tam (譚善言) and Chu Pak Hong (朱栢康) attended the worshipping ceremony of new film (不日成婚). It is the third collaboration between Michelle and Carlos and both are playing a couple. As there is a scene of her doing pole dancing in front of Carlos, Michelle said: “It is a very sexy outfit and I have no courage to wear it.” Carlos was worried about showing his true expression upon watching it.

Michelle revealed she had been undergoing rigorous training for that scene and both did not feel embarrassed when filming kissing scenes. Carlos said: “It is acting and unnecessary to inform Shiga Lin (連詩雅) in advance.”

However, Michelle exposed Carlos needed to report to her 4-year-old niece : “She likes Carlos very much and even calls him as her husband. Fortunately, my niece does not know how to read yet and will be jealous if know about it. She knows Carlos is an actor and plans to become an actress in the future.” Carlos said: “Michelle’s niece is very cute and asks if she can call me as her husband, once seeing me during lunar new year in 2018.”