Kirby Lam (林秀怡) was invited to annual dinner of Rainky Wai’s (蔚雨芯公司) company as the host on 10th July. When mentioned about TVB suspended her work because of political issues, she said: “I have not heard about it before. In fact, my show is airing in July and I feel contented to work in the company as they have many beautiful actresses.” Hence, Kirby focused on her food, beauty and online businesses.

Asking if she became a property owner during the virus period, Kirby said: “I depend on my boyfriend while others rely on their parents. My boyfriend makes the down payment and we will pay for the instalments together.” She added she treated her film director boyfriend as her marriage partner and planned to get married before 35 year old due to virus. However, Kirby might settle down earlier if earning high income.