Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and theatre actress Olivia Yan (甄詠蓓) participated in an art exhibition on 11th July. Natalie pointed Olivia planned for the exhibition for a year and many classmates used different art methods to share their stories: “I use drawing which becomes an animation to explain my story and we can watch it online from today onward. My story is considered complicated and please watch it patiently. It is best to watch it twice.”

Apparently, Natalie intended to make a performance but changed it to online due to virus. When asked about performing in a stage play, Olivia said: “I know we will do it one day. I encourage Natalie to participate in a stage play and feel very touched, upon hearing about her story and close bonding with her mother.”

Natalie added the animation was a gift to her mother and herself as she did not share her childhood story with the public: “I wish someone will understand me and everybody will share his/her stories as well. (What is the reason for not telling your story?) Because I feel unhappy and fail to control my mood. I feel clueless and neglected when my parent file for a divorce. My eyes are wet when talking about it but I have overcome it after making an animation.”