Earlier, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) organises a charity concert to root for Hong Kong citizens and raise donations because of the virus. He is supposed to hold his world tour concert which might be delay or cancel eventually. Many artistes are jobless and Aaron is willing to reduce his remuneration for new film (斷網) during these difficult times.

Other than filming movies, Aaron spends his time by playing cars, eating steamboat, training and accompanying his daughters. As he needs to wear thick costume during the shooting in hot weather, Aaron decides to go for massage for relaxation when taking a break time.

In the evening a couple of days ago, Aaron drove his jeep to Happy Valley and wore sports outfit with face mask, while carrying LV backpack. Subsequently, he entered into a massage parlour and left after nearly 2 hours later.

Upon discovering the reporters’ presence, Aaron tided up his hairstyle and smiled when asked if going for massage would increase the risk of infection. Checking if his family and he planned to stay at home frequently, Aaron replied after pausing for a second: “Yes.” He then drove off immediately.

Source: https://hk.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200714/O4EJTABHHYNOKTAH7JDUX5S77U/