Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Willie Wai (韋家雄) film new drama (刑偵日記) at TV City. Mandy expressed the scene was supposed to take place in the company and it was unrelated to the virus. When asked about the marriage problem with Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), Vincent rejected the interview and Mandy explained he was shooting series on his exact birthday.

As Mandy revealed she might tie the knot with her boyfriend Anthony (詹文天) this year, she said: “Oh well, the virus and my workload are affecting our marriage plan. Staying healthy is the most important and we will definitely settle down.”

Mentioning there was high chances that Nancy Wu (胡定欣) will renew contract with TVB, Mandy said: “It is good news. Nancy has her own opinions and I believe we will work together. I am considered a junior in our group and hopefully we will get to exchange our acting knowledge in the future.”