Annie Man (文頌嫻) is perceived as a “goddess” in the past and her fairy image in Whatever It Takes (天子尋龍) drama gives a deep impression to the audiences. After marrying a businessman named Jason (李梓慎) in 2012, she gives birth to a baby girl and makes minimal on-screen appearances. After 8 years later, Annie played the female lead in ViuTV drama, Warriors Within (打天下) and her acting skills and youthful looks receive compliments from her fans.

On 20th July, Annie turned 44 year old and her good friend, Janet Chow (周家蔚) prepared a special birthday cake with different role images of her in the past. Annie showed the photo on Instagram and said: “Happy birthday to me! Staying 28 year old every year!” In the photo, Annie does not look like her exact age and the netizens said: “You resemble 18 year old and I believe you even if you said you are 30 year old. You look exactly the same.” In addition, Charmaine Sheh (余詩曼) wished her happy birthday and hoped all her wishes will come true.