Show Lo’s (羅志祥) old love Grace Chow (周揚青) ended their 9 years relationship after exposing his infidelity. Hence, it ruins his 25 years of hard work in entertainment industry and marks an end to the third party, Linda Chien’s (愷樂) career. She is removed from the show, 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百). Based on the details, Linda left Show’s agency and drew a separate line with Show. During this past 3 months, Show either advertises his own brand or shows his exercise photos.

According to the information provided by Show’s friends to Apply Daily Taiwan (蘋果新聞網), Grace continues to have feelings for Show even after breaking up in early 2020. He usually pacifies her whenever she is mad but has no action this time. Thus, she exposes his infidelity to the public and is full of regrets thereafter.

Recently, Grace shares photo of Show’s good friend (三兒) and herself and he tries his best to defend Show when he is in trouble. It looks like they are becoming friends again and Show’s manager has no respond, when Apple Daily Taiwan tries to contact him.