A third wave of COVID-19 happens in Hong Kong. Many artistes and a senior management and male staff are infected in Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城電台). Radio DJ Ricky Fan (范振鋒) went for a test and was tested negative a few days ago.

Subsequently, Ricky’s wife Charmaine Li (李思欣) posted an online message: “A month ago, I believe it is under control but is getting nearer to us now. Fortunately, nothing happens and we must remain strong and make safety precautions. I believe the difficult times will be over soon. #test result shows negative”

During an interview with Apple Daily HK (蘋果) on 28th July, Charmaine said: “Before the new restriction is imposed, Ricky and I go to a gathering and my friend told me a driver takes her to the venue, and he is diagnosed with COVID-19. Hence, Ricky and I decide to go for a test and the results show negative.”

Although new cases happened in Metro Broadcast Corporation, but Charmaine did not go for another test: “Ricky goes for a test again as singer Zaina Sze (施匡翹) is infected. Fortunately, he is fine and it is unnecessary for me to go for a checkup again. It is best to stay at home now.”

Source: https://hk.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200728/BFCCLRTJG4ZOWCB6ZLKANRW66Y/