Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) have many intimate scenes in Death By Zero (殺手) drama and it is hard to determine the winner whenever they fight. Earlier, she invited him to a gun game and both were required to test their eyesight by using their portraits first. Wayne asked Katy: ” Where do you want me to shoot you?” She replied: “The biggest part which is my eyes.” However, he failed to hit the target and Katy shot his private part accurately.

In the series, Wayne played a top-notch killer and defeated Katy. During the game, he took the lead but Katy won eventually. As such, Wayne became her target and Katy could shoot any area that she wanted.

As it was their first time to participate in the shooting, Wayne and Katy felt it was fun and exciting. He said: “I feel a sense of satisfaction and cool when holding a gun.” Katy revealed she had long-sightedness and did not expect to win.

When mentioned about their first collaboration in Death By Zero drama, Katy said: “It is definitely a regret if I fail to work together with Wayne before retiring. Before knowing him, he is perceived a cool guy and turns out to be very professional and takes good care of the juniors. I remember he is perspiring and his knees are swollen after filming a scene, but Wayne has no complaints and sits at one corner to drink water. It gives me a deep impression.” Wayne also praised Katy was very hardworking and filmed most action scenes personally.

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