Gigi Lai (黎姿) retires from show business and becomes a successful businesswoman. In the past, she films many movies and her role in Young and Dangerous (古惑仔) film gives a deep impression to the public.

On 29th July, Gigi uploaded photo of Leslie Cheung (張國榮), Faye Wong (王菲), Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) and herself shooting the film, Okinawa Rendezvous (戀戰沖繩) in 2000 on Instagram. It marked 20th anniversary and Gigi showed another funny group photo. She posted an emotional message: “I would have forgotten if my friend does not mention it to me. 28th July marked 20th anniversary for Okinawa Rendezvous movie. Time passes quickly and I miss my “comrades”. Leslie is professional while Tony has brilliant acting skills and Faye is a funny and straightforward person. Also, thank you to the film director, Gordan Chan (陳嘉上) and all beautiful and unforgettable memories.”