Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) returns from Vancouver to Hong Kong to film TVB new drama (兒科醫生) but the shooting is delayed because of the virus. On 2nd August, She played live broadcast and showed her short hairstyle. Linda loved it as it was refreshing and her hair dried quickly after washing. However, her daughter Kelly felt unhappy because she preferred to see Linda having long hair. When mentioned about her children, Linda admitted she missed them and they could not visit her in Hong Kong due to the virus: “I plan to hold a concert but busy with filming drama.”

Subsequently, Linda pointed Legend of the Demigods (搜神傳) was her favourite series as it illustrated about filial piety, kindhearted and love. Hence, it influenced her deeply and she always used love to increase her motivation. She also sang sub-theme song (發誓) for Legend of the Demigods drama and acceded to her fans’ requests to sing different songs. Finally, Linda changed her voice when singing I’m Married (我結婚了) song with many actions and said: “Please be serious. Linda, you are usually clueless whenever playing live broadcast. It has been a long time since you sing and you forget the lyrics?”