Other than rehearsing for the stage play, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) loves to upgrade himself during his free time and pursue a Master’s Degree in Business at Peking University (北京大學) in 2018. After graduating, he receives a notification from Hong Kong Baptist University (浸會大學) to pursue traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) course: “It is a 2 years course and the semester should start in September. I will be handling additional work and time management is a big challenge to me. Anyway, I will try my best and achieve my targets. Looking forward to it! Fighting! Feeling grateful to god! Amen! #traditional Chinese medicine #unlimited learning”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200804/1596515576203/%e3%80%90%e5%a5%bd%e5%ad%b8%e4%b8%8d%e5%80%a6%e3%80%91%e7%8d%b2%e6%b5%b8%e5%a4%a7%e4%b8%ad%e9%86%ab%e8%97%a5%e5%ad%b8%e9%99%a2%e5%8f%96%e9%8c%84-%e9%a6%ac%e6%b5%9a%e5%81%89-%e6%9c%9f%e5%be%85%e5%ad%b8%e6%b5%b7%e4%b9%8b%e6%97%85