TVB artiste Matt Yeung (楊明) is arrested for drink driving and failing to provide his blood sample on 8th August. He was sent to Queen Mary hospital for treatment and a big group of media waited outside the emergency department. According to the information, Matt completed the bail procedures at the hospital and did not need to record his statement at the police station. Hence, he was suspected to leave the hospital through a secret passageway. When the reporters asked about his condition, Matt replied through a text message that he was fine. As for his girlfriend Lisa Chong (莊思明), she did not answer the call but responded via a message on the same day: “He has left the hospital.”

Subsequently, Police Public Relations Branch (PPRB) responded to Apple Daily HK (蘋果) that Matt was released on bail and required to report at the police station in September. (He does not need to go for field sobriety test?) It depends on the situation. (He takes the test at the hospital?) We are uncertain.”

Around 2pm, many reporters waited outside Lisa’s flat at Peak road and Magazine Gap Road was cleared after Matt’s accident.