Matt Yeung (楊明) was sent to Queen Mary hospital for treatment after a car accident on 8th August. He was suspected to reject to provide his blood sample and was arrested as a result. On the same night, Matt accepted an interview to explain the accident in TVB show, Scoop (東張西望) via video camera.

Matt said: “At the time, I feel quite dizzy after knocking my head. My pelvis also feels painful but it is not serious. I am fine after going through scanning and x-ray in government hospital but the company advises me to go for a detailed check-up in private hospital. (Can you please describe the accident?) Around 1.30am, I plan to return to the workplace to read script and my car crashes onto a stone railing, while turning to a road. My car is jammed and I should be unconscious therafter. Thus, I am unclear about the whole accident. The news reported that I drink wine, refuse to go for sobriety test and need police officers to help me, but I feel dizzy and might be unable to go for the test at the point. I believe the cops want to save me first as my car is near the mountain and assist them in the investigation after the treatment at the hospital. I am very sorry for damaging government property and fortunately, nobody is injured. Perhaps my hectic work schedule and little sleep make me distracted from driving and cause an accident. I am extremely sorry for making everyone worried and creating a discussion. I am fine. Thank you.”

When asked if the police intended to press charges against him, Matt said: “I am unclear about the law procedures and my lawyer is currently handling it. I feel a little dizzy this morning and feel better now. Anyway, we are dealing with it.”