Matt Yeung’s (楊明) was involved in a car accident on 8th August and it becomes a heated discussion immediately. As he is currently staying at his girlfriend, Lisa Chong’s (莊思明) flat, many reporters waited for him outside the building on the following day. Instead, Lisa’s elder sister, Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) appeared and drove with a male friend from the Peak to Shek O.

Subsequently, Jacqueline stopped her car and accepted an interview. She explained her male friend was her business partner and he planned to buy a cake to celebrate his wife’s birthday. When asked about Matt’s condition, Jacqueline placed her palms together and said: “He is fine. Please ask Matt directly about his affair as it is inconvenient for me to answer on his behalf. Lisa is alright too and it is best for them to reply personally.” Jacqueline dismissed about the accident caused an argument between Matt and Lisa and they were worried once knowing it. Checking if Matt drank before driving, Jacqueline said: “I am unclear about the whole situation and please ask him directly. (Does Matt love to drink?) Sorry, I have no idea.”

When mentioned about some TVB staff and families were infected with COVID-19, Jacqueline replied she did not interact with them and will be continuing to host All Things Girl (姊妹淘) show.