On 6th August, Matt Yeung (楊明), Samantha Ko (高海寧), Hera Chan (陳曉華), Brian Chu (朱敏瀚) and Alex Yung (容天佑) played “love confession” game at a promotion activity for On-Lie Game (迷網) drama. Brian said: “I am born 10 years earlier in order to take care of you.” Alex expressed he begun to learn martial arts from 4 year old to take care of his loved ones and demonstrated leg-split stance which won applauses from the audiences. Samantha and Hera were full of compliments for his performance too.

Samantha has 2 drama such as Death By Zero (殺手) and On-Lie Game (迷網) which are currently broadcasting and another new series, Al Cappuccino (反黑路人甲) will be releasing as well. During an interview, she revealed she was busy with promotion activities and said: “I keep accepting interviews and changing outfits. As a result, I spend $20,000 within 2 days but it is necessary though.”

When mentioned about the work was reduced due to the virus, Samantha confessed her expenses was higher than the income: “Please look for me if there is any work. (Worry that the audiences might feel tired of seeing you?) Not really. I play different roles and the acting method is different. It has been more than a year since I have new drama and hopefully the audiences will support me.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200806/1596715241690/%e3%80%903%e9%83%a8%e5%8a%87%e6%8e%a5%e4%bd%8f%e6%92%ad%e3%80%91%e9%ab%98%e6%b5%b7%e5%af%a7%e5%94%94%e6%80%95%e8%a7%80%e7%9c%be%e7%9d%87%e5%8e%ad-%e8%8a%b12%e8%90%ac%e7%bd%ae%e8%a3%9d%e8%b2%bb%e6%84%9f%e8%82%89%e8%b5%a4