Vincent Wong (王浩信), Owen Cheung (張振朗), Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) promoted TVB new drama, AI Cappuccino (反黑路人甲) at TV City on 9th August.

As it was a repeated collaboration between Owen and Vincent, both expressed they maintained good rapports during the filming and added funny dialogues to make the drama interesting. They also played “HeHe” feelings: “It is considered a breakthrough if we can represent “TVB HeHe”. We can be the first generation and make everyone laugh.”

Vincent pointed the “HeHe” feeling might cause big reactions among the audiences and Owen was not worried about his girlfriend’s reaction: “I have relationship scenes with Winki Lai (賴慰玲) too and it is a happy collaboration. We keep thinking of different methods to create amusing effects at the drama set.”