Eric Wan (尹天照) gains high popularity and becomes TV King based on ATV drama, My Date with a Vampire (我和殭屍有個約會). At the time, he was surrounded by many negative gossips and his fiery temper deterred everyone from getting close to him. In 2011, Eric reduced his on-screen performances after his contract with ATV expired because of his wife’s poor health. He focuses on taking care of her and begins to make public appearances in recent years.

A few days ago, Eric accepted an invitation in Hong Kong Open TV show, Action 77 (開工大吉77) hosted by Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹). When mentioned about his “bad temper” at the set in the past, Eric said: “I remember the assistant film director starts to prepare the second and third scenes after completing the first take. So I might as well do everything for him. In fact, there is no right and wrong and I do not feel regretful at all. As an actor, it is boring when I have no energy but a “fiery” role might affect others though. Hence, the timing is very important.”

Asking if other television stations approached him since making on-screen performances in recent years, Eric said: “Yes, but the restrictions make me give up on signing the contract.” He added he nearly had a breakdown due to his work and family and believing in religion made him a changed person: “At the time, my wife is sick and I cannot think of any methods to help her. Coincidentally, my friend is diagnosed with cancer and I pointed he is crazy when refusing to go for treatment again. Thus, I decide to go to the church and see if I can help him, and believe becoming a Christian is the only solution.”