40-year-old Michelle Ye (葉璇) develops her career in Mainland China for many years and plays live broadcast on Weibo to increase her popularity. Recently, some netizen discovered a short video clip uploaded on Chinese website, Bilibili in end June and the title is “it is wrong to eat leftover food by other customers”, but the contents is totally different.

In the video clip, Michelle revealed that she asked the server if she could eat the vegetables left by the customers at a posh restaurant, so as not to waste it: “Especially vegetables and onions. They do not even touch it so I ask the server if I can have it. He then offers me fresh vegetables but I reject it. There are many people starving in other countries and it is bad to waste food.” She also emphasised she did not encourage the audiences to eat leftover food because of the saliva: “Based on my observation, the vegetables are placed aside and they do not touch it. Although I cherish it, but my friends seem to have some resistances.”

Nevertheless, Michelle’s thinking won compliments from several netizens. When the media checked with her, Michelle said: “Sending positive message is good.” On 6th August, she forwarded the post and remained firm about her perspective: “Having a disgusting mindset can become a celebrity? It is unreal.”

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