Since “On Sum” (安心事件) scandal is exposed in last April, Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) image is tarnished and her work is suspended until now. Hence, she spends time with her family, dog and continues to live a luxurious life. Jacqueline loves to invest in properties and manage to find tenant for her flat in Victoria Skye, after purchasing in 2017.

As for her love life, Jacqueline is discovered to patronise pet accessories shop with RubberBand member, Lai Man Wang (黎萬宏) in February. He revealed he had broken up with his girlfriend and became single. In June, Man Wang accompanied Jacqueline to take her dog to a vet and it is evident both keep in close contact.

According to the media, somebody witnessed Man Wang appeared at the building frequently for the past 6 months and went to the nearby supermarket together with Jacqueline. Around a year ago, Man Wang and his family bought a flat in Hong Kong and the property value has increased. As such, he continues to spend time with Jacqueline despite having less work.