In the latest episode in Young and Restless (#後生仔傾吓偈) show, it discusses about supernatural tales and there are many horror stories in TVB. Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) revealed that something eerie happened when she went to the carpark alone after wrapping up the drama around 3 or 4am: “I feel a cold shiver runs down my spine when walking to the carpark entrance. I take an elevator and once it opens on second level, the lights keep flickering and I decide to return to the main level, after sensing something is wrong. The lift closes but opens again……”

Immediately, Crystal pressed the close button many times and the door finally closed and returned to the main level. After that, a male colleague accompanied her and everything was back to normal when going to the second level again: “I reckon it is because of my tiredness causing me weak and a male colleague is with me.”

In addition, a young man named GM disclosed about having steamboat in a commercial building: “I plan to go to 8th floor but it stops at 6th floor. Once opened, it is pitch black and there is no shops and renovations. The strangest part is the lift is overweight once the doors are opened. Hence, my friend and I run to emergency exit and but the first level is locked.” Although they managed to have steamboat on 8th level, but the whole group felt uncomfortable on the whole night.”