Recently, Michelle Ye (葉璇) explains a story between artiste A who has higher fame than artiste B and they are good friends, but artiste B’s husband is a famous actor and has an extra-marital affair. One day, artiste A’s role in new drama is replaced by artiste B prior to the shooting.

After making an investigation, artiste A discovered artiste B talked behind her back and felt very disappointed. After more than 10 years later, artiste B suddenly wanted to have dinner with artiste A and her aim was to make fun of her with more than 10 friends, since having a young husband.

In addition, Michelle revealed another couple story. He is a very popular actor and used a wine glass to hit his girlfriend during an argument once. Fortunately, she managed to avoid it as will be disfigured. Thus, Michelle advised all ladies not to find violence men as their husbands.