Although Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) appears petite, but she looks “fleshy” and gains weight easily. Due to “freezing” eggs earlier, she suffers from hormones imbalance which causes her to gain weight. In recent years, Gillian is pointed to look fat and tries to become slim lately.

Lately on Xiaohongshu, Gillian uploaded photos of herself wearing 3 sets of outfits and it is obvious she has lost weight successfully. She wrote: “Everyone says I have gained weight and I am trying my best to become slim again. Please give me more time haha! Right now, I am in a dilemma to choose an outfit and please help me to make a choice.” In the photos, Gillian has a sharper chin and smaller waist. However, many fans pointed it failed to bring out her beauty: “There is room for improvements and you have to do more researches. It is a waste of your beauty and you should change to another image consultant.”