Ali Lee (李佳芯) plays the main lead in TVB new drama (智能爱(AI)人) and attended the worshipping ceremony on 25th August. She said: “I am acting as a robot and it is very challenging, as need to resemble a robot yet having humanity. I must put in my full efforts in everything.”

Ali described it was refreshing upon receiving the script: “As an actress, it is normal to play new roles and resembles a story after reading the script. (Feeling stressful?) Yes, in order to make myself relaxed during the shooting.”

Subsequently, Ali confessed she had little expectations towards this series and treated it as a big challenge: “It is my first time to play a robot and many stuff are new to me this time. There are many outdoor shootings and the working hours is shorter. Having sufficient rest is very important and I sleep around 12 to 14 hours everyday.”

After resting for a year, Ali had to make adjustments to filming series again: “Earlier, my mindset becomes a writer due to preparing for my new book. Right now, I need to change my mindset to an artiste in order to focus on my role.”