Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is crowned champion in Ms 2020 Hong Kong Pageant and accepted an interview with first and second runner-up, Celina Harto (陳楨怡) and Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) at TV City on 31st August. Maisie Kwong (鄺美璇) who won “Ms Friendship” was present as well.

Lisa expressed she slept well for 6 hours last night and woke up at 9am in the morning: “I sleep very little for the past few weeks and it is exhausting. I feel completely relaxed now.” She added she had informed her mother who was currently living in Scotland and sent a text message to the nominator, Maria Cordero (肥媽). Lisa looked forward to see Maria after the virus was over.

When mentioned about the eliminated contestant Casa Yuen (源菲然) was her cousin, Lisa explained she had more than 30 cousins and was unaware of her participating in the pageant: “I know it only after the registration and cannot reveal our kinship after that. (The netizens notice your front tooth is black?) It is because of falling down in the park when little. I plan to visit a dentist once returning to Hong Kong but it is delayed due to the virus.”