In a recent interview during a Chinese show, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) revealed a young artiste took 8 assistants when shooting Chef Nic (鋒味) program.

Asking about the communication with the youngsters, Nicholas said: “There are many youngsters who might have around 5 to 8 assistants now. I invite more than 90 artistes from season 1 to 5 of Chef Nic show and know the number of assistants that an artiste takes with him/her, since involved in management as well.

Nicholas added an artiste took his hairstylist, interpreter, agent and their assistants and bodyguards to shoot the show and knew it was a heavy cost. He said: “Sometimes I will think about not inviting him since he behaves like a big shot. Anyway, the world is different now and many young artistes will have such requests and they are more fortunate than us now.”