Hungry ghost festival has arrived and all spirits are allowed to roam around freely. Hence, many people try to either stay at home or return home early. During an activity on 2nd September, Samantha Ko (高海寧) replied she had no idea it was hungry ghost festival if the reporters did not mention it to her: “I have a clear conscience and do not have any supernatural encounters at all.”

However, Samantha’s mother had a spooky incident: “During the vacation to Japan, we go for a spa and my mother told my father that she heard an argument inside the room but it is pitch dark and empty. My dad told her not to be a nosy person and she sees a woman wearing kimono without any facial features and is starring at her, upon waking up in midnight. My mother then closes her eyes and that woman is right in front of her when opening her eyes again. Thus, she dares not open her eyes after that.”

Subsequently, the reporters felt a cold shiver ran down their spines and Samantha continued the story: “After returning to Hong Kong, somebody pushes them in the toilet at the school and they end up falling down. There is a scar on the eyebrow and my younger brother’s lower chin has a scar too. I have a high fever and my father feels someone pushes his stool. Finally, my godmother takes us to the temple at Wong Tai Sin and everything is fine after that.”