Around 2am on 7th September, something happened to Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) in her hotel room at Xiamen. Hence, Joey Yung (容祖兒) and her manager Mani Fok (霍汶希) took a flight from Beijing to Xiamen immediately.

Apparently, Gillian woke up at 2am to go to the toilet and fell down on the marble floor since feeling dizzy. Her head and right eyebrow were injured. She then called her colleagues for help and they informed Mani and Joey, after taking her to the hospital.

Gillian went through many scans and was required to go for an operation as her wound was 6cm long. Hence, she needed 10 stitches in total.

After a serious discussion, Mani decided to transfer Gillian to a specialist hospital under Joey’s accompany. Mani expressed Gillian was calm and thanked everyone for the concern. She also promised to find the best doctor so that Gillian will become beautiful again.