Shaw Brothers Studio and Lawrence Cheng (鄭丹瑞) announce online acting classes through online platform, SHOW 8 and invite several artistes to share their experiences. During the interview, TV King Roger Kwok (郭晉安) confessed he was heavily groomed once joining TVB but it was not an easy journey.

Prior to being an actor, Roger worked in administration department and was given a leading role in TVB drama, City Japes (城市故事). When mentioned about playing male lead role immediately, Roger agreed it was good news and said: “I am different from Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) as he can gain experience and watch veteran actors to perform. At the time, I feel I am dreaming. (Really?) Yes, it is not easy at all. I work from day to night and do not have time to think of other stuff. Before wrapping up this series, I need to film an outdoor shooting for another drama. I wonder when I can rest.”

Revealing that Wayne filmed 200 shows, Roger said: “I did a 100-episode series previously and it is very frightening. After reading the script, I am absent in 5 scenes only and is that right? It is depressing and I wish to think of an alternative but do not know how to fight. Anyway, there is many things that we need to learn while working and it is best not to sleep so as to learn more stuff. Hence, this is my working life.” Roger added he preferred the company arranged him to attend activities as it was less suffering.