ViuTV new drama, Iron Ladies (熟女強人) is making its debut on 28th September. The plot illustrates about the ladies suffering from tremendous pressure due to working and taking care of their families at the same time.

A few days ago, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Jeana Ho (何珮瑜), Jess Sum (沈卓盈), Sharon Luk (陸詩韻), Tsang Lok Tung (曾樂彤), Karena Ng (吳千語) and Isabel Chan (陳逸寧) chatted continuously, while working on the series together. Once wrapped up, the actresses danced together for celebration and Myolie said: “We discuss about zodiac signs during the break and want to continue even when the camera starts rolling. Karena wants to have a drink and I told them to come over to my house and take care of my kids as well.”

Jess expressed she will seek justice for her sister in reality and become good friends with the cast team members. As for Jeana and Lok Tung, they filmed a scene of hitting the third party and Lok Tung revealed she will fight for her friends. Jeana praised Myolie was very sweet and melted everyone’s heart: “She creates a group chat on the first day and keeps sending messages. Hence, we can feel the atmosphere and becomes good friends quickly.”