Jet Li (李連杰) and his wife Nina Li (利智) are married for 21 years. During an interview with Chinese media lately, he expressed his gratitude towards Nina for giving up her colourful life in order to take care of her family. Jet planned to give his wife security by leaving his $2 billion assets to her.

When filming Dragon Fight (龍在天涯) movie in 1988, Jet met Nina but was already married. Hence, they had an underground relationship and finally tied the knot in 1999, after filing for a divorce officially. They have 2 daughters after married.

During the interview, Jet confessed it was love at first sight once seeing Nina: “When I was young, a girl likes me and I assume I like her too. I realise the definition of love once seeing Nina and I can give up everything including my life for her. Thus, I apologised to my ex-wife after knowing the meaning of true love.”