In the morning on 16th September, 36-year-old Alien Huang (黃鴻升) was found dead in his flat. His old love Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) expressed they remained as good friends after the separation and felt heart pain, once knowing his death news.

Rainie said: “I cannot describe the pain and accept the news at all. I treat Alien as my family and will always remember him. Please remember his hard work, seriousness and talents and he is in my heart forever.”

Although Alien has many romances, but his relationship with Rainie is best noted to the public. After Rainie joins the industry, both are separated because of the differences in their perspectives and lifestyles. Subsequently, they avoid each other in the gatherings and become friends again, upon growing up gradually.

Other than Rainie, Alien is rumoured to date Wu Han Chun (峮峮) and responded through his manager that both were good friends, but Han Chun explained they became close after shooting a show together and his sister lived in the same building. In addition, Alien is suspected to date another female artiste (妞妞) who was discovered to stay in his flat for 11 hours. Hence, both explained they lived in the same building and Alien confessed to the romance after that. However, the relationship ended after 3 months later.