Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) has sweet looks and her family and boyfriend Kenneth Ma (馬國明) dote on her as a princess. Despite that, she can look tough and it turns out her best friend Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) is very manly to her.

Because of her short hairstyle, Sisley is perceived a strong woman but shows her gentle side once meeting Roxanne. From their old photos, Sisley resembles Roxanne’s boyfriend protecting her and many netizens described them as a couple.

On 15th September, Roxanne and Sisley showed many photos at the shoot through Instagram. Both wore black and white outfits and Roxanne appeared to kiss Sisley. She left a message: “Our friendship! She is my pillar of support and gives me confidence, so that I can show my real emotions. I feel grateful that Roxanne stays by my side until now.” Roxanne said: “It is considered a blessing to have a true friend in the industry and I can see my beautiful side from Sisley’s eyes. It makes me show my true and natural beauty.”

Apparently Roxanne and Sisley participated in 2012 and 2013 Ms Hong Kong Pageant and became good friends, after shooting Fashion War (潮流教主), My Dearly Sinful Mind (心理追兇 Mind Hunter) and Airport Strikers (機場特警) drama. Both described themselves as finding long-lost sister: “We can understand each other and obtain comfort without speaking at all.” Sisley added Roxanne was her guardian angel and it was rare to have a true friend in the show business.