Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) is pointed to know a wealthy man, Reeve through her rumoured boyfriend Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰) and tried to get close to Reeves’s girlfriend Elizabeth Nicole Wu (胡美貽) who is a contestant eliminated from Ms Hong Kong Pageant. Subsequently, Leonard posted an online message: “Overthinking hits hardest at night!” It becomes a heated discussion.

On 18th September, Leonard expressed it was a simple message while recording the show (big big shop 中秋感謝祭): “I tend to think a lot especially at night. It is unfair to Crystal when the news reported that I introduce a rich friend to her. I will not be her friend if she is a materialistic woman. I know Reeve since 18 year old and they have common friends. Crystal and Elizabeth are colleagues too.”

When asked about his romance, Leonard tried to change the subject and emphasised Crystal and he placed their careers as top priorities. Mentioning that both were very close as he knew her menstruation, he said: “I am aware of it only after focusing on my friend’s speech and behaviour.”