On 17th September, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and her good friend, Shiga Lin’s (連詩雅) rumoured boyfriend Carlos Chan (陳家樂) attended a fashion event and accepted an interview together. As he looked tanned, Carlos explained he went for running, hiking and water skiing lately. He praised Shiga was good in water skiing and did not dismiss about going for hiking together, except for wearing couple outfits: “We happen to wear the same colour tops only. I sweat easily and choose this colour randomly. In addition, we go for hiking with a group of friends.”

Priscilla expressed it was her first time to see Carlos and complimented he was good looking and will be popular among the ladies. Subsequently, Carlos suggested to change the topic and disclosed he will be filming a new movie (不日成婚) soon: “In the film, I have no plans to settle down but Michelle Wai (衛詩雅) who plays my girlfriend wishes to get married. Honestly speaking, my career is my top priority and I am not anxious to settle down in reality. (If your girlfriend wants to get married?) No reply.” Priscilla interrupted and said: “I have some knowledge and you can ask me regarding marriage stuff. (Did Shiga seek advice from you?) She did ask me and I am married in overseas. She is a good and kind-hearted woman and I feel happy as long as she is happy.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200917/1600348726319/%e9%99%b3%e5%ae%b6%e6%a8%82%e9%80%a3%e8%a9%a9%e9%9b%85%e7%a9%bf%e6%83%85%e4%be%b6%e8%89%b2%e9%81%8b%e5%8b%95%e8%a1%ab-%e7%bf%a0%e5%a6%82%e7%88%86%e5%a5%bd%e5%a7%8a%e5%a6%b9%e8%ab%8b%e6%95%99%e6%b5%b7%e5%a4%96%e7%b5%90%e5%a9%9a