Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) showed a video of himself proposing marriage to his girlfriend Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) successfully in Canada on 17th September. After 2 days later, she accepted an interview from TVB Entertainment News (TVB娛樂新聞台) at the set for new drama (兒科醫生): “I have no idea that Benjamin cries at the time and discover it when watching the video. I feel shocked and could not really hear what he is saying.”

When asked about her dream wedding, Bowie said: “It does not need to be grand as long as my family and friends are present. (Have you decide on the exact date?) I have some plans but many stuff are not confirmed because of the virus. Thus, I have to think about it slowly” As for “brothers and sisters” groups, she hoped it will be simple and everyone will enjoy the process. Bowie added Benjamin wished to set up a family and did not need to have a baby quickly. Asking about their wedding shoot, she said: “We are hoping to have the shoot in overseas.”

During a telephone interview, Benjamin disclosed his marriage proposal plan was nearly exposed when the custom checked his luggage. Fortunately, the officer stopped the check and Bowie did not discover the diamond ring.