Grace Wong (王君馨) completed her scenes for TVB new drama (超能使者) and had to sit on a wheelchair due to her leg injury on 17th September. After 2 days later, she showed an old photo of her leg injury happened 7 years ago and wearing air boot, and said on Instagram: “Feel grateful that I am injured after wrapping up the series and my bones are fine after going through X-Ray. Otherwise, it will take 6 to 12 months for full recovery.

In 2013, I have a leg injury as well and the doctor told me 90% of my ligament is torn. Fortunately this time, the doctor assures me that my ligament is fine and he will assess the condition after MRI report is released.

I feel grateful to the film director and team for comprising to my current condition and giving time for me to rest so that I can prepare for my role and fight with everybody.

Finally, I am supposed to shoot a MV in 3 days time and it is cancelled now. Despite feeling disappointed, I feel very grateful to the team for giving me supports. It gives me additional time to make full preparations for the next song. I believe it will be a great MV and hope everyone will remain patient to wait for my new song.”