It is best to let children to learn different languages since little. Hence, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and her husband Philip Lee (李乘德) arrange their elder son Brendan Lee (李奕霆) to learn Mandarin. Recently on Weibo, Philip shows a video of Brendan going for Mandarin lesson and it becomes a heated discussion.

Based on language specialists, kids around 2 to 3 year old usually learn new languages quickly and 2-year-old Brendan definitely learns the language at the right age . During the lesson, he pronounced red and white colours fluently in Mandarin and many netizens complimented Brendan was cute and had potential.

As his mother, it is evident that Myolie feels happy and uploaded a video of Brendan learning Mandarin. She posted an online message: “My son is learning well and I am learning another new dialect but not as fast as him.” Ever wonder if she plans to participate in Chinese reality show with Brendan when he grows up? Anyway, Brendan might become Jasper 2 [Jordan Chan’s (陳小春) son] since he speaks Mandarin fluently.